Other Industries Served

Industries include:

  • SMB Owners
  • Government Organizations
  • Legal Firms
  • Individuals

In addition to companies in the insurance, financial, manufacturing, utility, transportation and pharmaceutical industries, Crucible’s services can be of use to a number of other entities. Having had the experience of working in the highly regulated energy creation/delivery and pharmaceutical industries, as well as extensive public sector law enforcement/investigative and security consulting experience, the principal at Crucible has the diverse experience and breadth of knowledge necessary to identify and mitigate risk for an organization in a manner that enhances security and compliance while reducing exposure and liability.

Expertise That Transcends Industries

Crucible can be of particular assistance and value to small-to-medium-sized businesses/organizations that do not have their own proprietary security/investigative/compliance staffs. Additionally, government organizations, not-for-profit organizations, educational institutions and law firms routinely run into situations that warrant the involvement of a professional security/investigative consultant to evaluate the circumstances and provide expertise and consultation to address a security issue, handle a sensitive employee matter, conduct a confidential investigation and/or make security recommendations for the interest of the organization and its employees before an incident occurs.

Additionally, individual clients may have an interest in engaging Crucible to conduct a security assessment of their business, their business dealings, their home, their public exposure, upcoming travel plans or a spouse’s suspected infidelity.

Crucible has the knowledge and experience required to properly and thoroughly review and assess personal and business activities that may increase risk, and then make the appropriate, fit-for-purpose recommendations to address the identified concerns, mitigating the risk in such a manner to save time, money and stress. Get the peace of mind you deserve from knowing an experienced security, compliance and investigations firm is safeguarding you, your family, your company and their collective operations and reputation – as well as the bottom line.

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