Manufacturing Sector

According to RiskWatch International, the top five risks facing manufacturers include the following;

  1. Distribution delays and disruptions
  2. Third-party vendors
  3. Labor concerns
  4. Cyber risks
  5. Automation

Every manufacturer, regardless of size, shares the above challenges and perhaps others. Additional concerns related to the above list can range from the safe arrival of parts and raw materials, secure manufacturing processes to protect against theft and accidents and the reliable delivery of finished goods to ensure customer satisfaction.

Security Diversified

Manufacturing companies have a lot to consider when it comes to security. Not only do they have to think about protecting the people working in the facility and the products that they are producing, but they also have to think about protecting their customer and employee information, financial records, product information/trade secrets and much more.

Now, consider the added pressure of the daily news headlines reporting security breaches. Every day there seems to be another organization that becomes a victim to hackers. Leadership teams face tough decisions on how to allocate their security budgets to try and protect their businesses from being the next ones at risk. With cyber breaches happening so often, it’s understandable why companies are increasing cybersecurity budgets, but they shouldn’t put all their eggs in one security basket.

For manufacturers, protecting physical security also means protecting information, personnel and products. As manufacturing becomes increasingly connected, it’s vital that manufacturers adopt more modern security practices that go beyond a traditional perimeter security approach. It’s safe to assume that cybercriminals will hack into your network at some point. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that the most important data is locked up in a way that hackers couldn’t touch it, even if they break in.

Enhanced Safety, Security and Productivity

Crucible’s security specialists can help at every step of the planning and installation process to provide an integrated manufacturing security solution that addresses these challenges and more. We’ll apply our expertise to help identify manufacturing facility threats and develop security solutions to enhance the safety, security and productivity of your manufacturing operations.

From small businesses to enterprise, our industry-leading security solutions provide increased security for manufacturing processes and enhanced information management and reporting capabilities for manufacturers. Our integrated security solutions include a variety of alarm, intrusion detection, access control and surveillance systems for manufacturing facilities along with the management tools to streamline and enhance security operations.

Crucible’s value-added services include around-the-clock security monitoring of critical manufacturing conditions such as temperature and humidity, as well as remote management tools that let you perform remote video surveillance on any smartphone or tablet. Call 201-252-2532 today for a free, no-obligation security assessment of your company’s manufacturing security program.

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