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Crucible is a strategic security and investigations firm with the experience and capabilities to service corporations, organizations and individual clients. Many of these entities have the same exposure to risk as large Fortune 100 corporations, but they are absent an in-house security staff to manage and mitigate those risks. Crucible offers access to a full suite of refined, professional, value-added corporate security services through a case-by-case arrangement, long-term project engagement or on-going, consultative, virtual Chief Security Officer (CSO) basis. In any model, Crucible focuses security, investigative and compliance initiatives on matters of the greatest concern/impact to the business to yield the greatest return on investment through reasonable “Fit for Purpose” and cost-effective solutions.

About Tom Falotico: A Renowned Risk Management Consultant


Profile PicThomas Falotico is the founder and owner of Crucible Risk Management and Investigations, LLC. Tom is a board-certified security, compliance, and investigative executive with approximately 25 years of significant practical experience in the development, application and management of enterprise-wide security, investigative and compliance programs. Tom’s experience and expertise have focused on the development and implementation of appropriate, fit-for-purpose, security and compliance policies and programs to safeguard an organization’s employees, information, assets and reputation from both internal and external risks. These policies and programs have included, but were not limited to, risk assessments, security policy development and implementation, security operations, physical/technical security features, supply chain security and crisis management. Tom also possesses significant experience in the management of internal investigative programs as they relate to corporate compliance initiatives. His additional experience includes previous work as an independent security/investigative consultant.

Tom has held positions of responsibility in both public sector law enforcement and private sector organizations. Following these public and private sector positions, Tom created Crucible Risk Management and Investigations, LLC, a strategic security and investigations firm catering to small- to mid-sized organizations, many of which have the same exposure to risk as large organizations but are absent a proprietary security/investigations staff to manage and mitigate those risks.

Mahwah Police Department 1993-1996 (Patrol Division)

Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office 1996-2001 (Homicide Squad)

Independent Security/Investigative Consultant 2001-2003 – Worked as an independent security/investigative consultant with engagements related to school security assessments, risk assessments, private investigations, litigation support and investigations and emergency/crisis management training for educational institutions and corporate organizations.

Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG) 2003-2005 – New Jersey-based energy company which provides electricity and gas to portions of New Jersey and New York as part of the country’s “critical infrastructure” and is one of the 10 largest electric companies in the US. (#323 on Fortune 500 list). Jointly responsible for technical and physical security project management initiatives to effectively secure New Jersey’s, and the Northeast’s, largest energy network. Also responsible for conducting internal investigations regarding fraud and misconduct as well as crisis management training. Worked cooperatively with numerous local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation (NPC) 2005-2010 – US “branded” division of Novartis International AG, a Swiss-based multinational healthcare and pharmaceutical conglomerate based in Basel, Switzerland. (#175 on Fortune 500 list). Responsible for physical and technical security programs, including proximity card access systems, biometric and facial recognition technology, closed circuit television (CCTV), digital video recorders (DVR), security/guard force operations, supply chain security and central station operations for all NPC facilities in the US. Charged with effectively securing environments where the production, packaging and shipping of controlled substances (schedules I-IV) occurred. Responsibilities also included coordinating NPC’s meeting security program, conducting internal compliance investigations, and emergency/crisis management preparedness.

Sandoz, Inc. 2010-2014 – US “generic” division of Novartis International AG. Served as Director of Security/North America (US, Canada and Puerto Rico). Responsible for the development, implementation and on-going management of an enterprise-wide corporate security program throughout North America, where the production, packaging and shipping of controlled substances (schedules I-IV) occurred. Responsibilities included, but were not limited to, physical and technical security programs and features, security operations, supply chain security, compliance investigations, executive protection, travel security, crisis management training, budget management and forecasting.

Novartis Corporation 2014-2019 – US Corporate Division Headquarters of Novartis International AG. Served as Region Head Americas/Business Practices Officer. Responsible for Novartis’ business compliance program (internal investigative process) for all Novartis companies within North, Central and South America (Americas). Duties included the management of all allegations and the investigative assignment and oversight of all internal investigations regarding fraud or misconduct. Also responsible for the final review, approval and dissemination of all investigative reports and, in coordination with key business partners (Legal, HR, Compliance, Management), the timely and appropriate adjudication of these matters. Provided Senior Management with accurate reports, briefings and updates on issues of concern. Conducted investigative training and informational presentations (on misconduct reporting program, internal investigative and adjudication process and crisis management) for employees, key partners and Senior Business Leaders throughout region.

In addition to the above practical experience, Tom possesses the following credentials, certifications and licenses as a risk management consultant:

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